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Extra Storage


Mine more efficiently! Let your players store their mined/picked items! Includes many unique and special features such as filtering, sorting or selling!



This plugin can be used in almost any game modes, but works best in Skyblock and Prison server. Giving each player almost unlimited storage, which can be used to contain the vanilla items. For example, after you have mined any block, instead of being dropped to the ground, it will be automatically picked up into your storage. It also eliminates the lag caused by dropped items.

Core Features

  • Support multiple versions: from 1.16 to the latest version.
  • Support most popular skyblock plugins.
  • Support multiple currency plugins: Vault, PlayerPoints, TokenManager, BetterEconom, UltraEconomy and GemEconomy.
  • Support multiple marketplaces: ShopGuiPlus and EconomyShopGUI (Free/Premium).
  • PlaceholderAPI Supported.
  • HeadDatabase for custom head.
  • ItemsAdder and Oraxen for custom ui texture and items.
  • Very detailed explanation in every configuration files.
  • And a lot more that are not mentioned here.
  • Powerful developer APIs.